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Adapted from Diana Gabaldon's interenational best-selling books, follow the story of Claire Randall, a married combat nurse from 1945 who is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743. She finds herself in an unkown world, where her life is constantly threatened. Her strongest ally in this time is Jamie a highlander.


Claire  (Caitriona Balfe)

Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan)


Duncan Lacroix  (Murtagh FitzGibbons)


Grant O'Rourke ( Rupert Mackenzie)


Outlander the Series I Almost Missed

It’s technically morning as its after 2am and I can’t sleep so I sit snuggled up in my fave chair flipping through channels. When I arrive at Starz there’s striking footage of characters on horseback riding along in the dark. I’m instantly entranced. However, at first when I click the info button I only see one word “Sassenach” which at this moment means nothing to me. When I go live the party traveling by horses has arrived at a castle and credits start. Oh. Guess that was the end, I missed it. I was curious though as my first impression led me to want more, so I quickly clicked info to find more showings. Whoa! My screen was flooded with options to record. Why is it only an hour? I did not figure out it was a series until the found another Outlander “Castle Leoch”. I set my recording, finished my tea and went back to bed.

I watched the first episode before looking online which was prompted by the annoying feeling I had seen the male lead before. A ha! “Princess for Christmas” something I annually watch with my nieces during tea parties over the holidays and on a show while in the London, England (I mention The UK cause when you live as close to Canada as I do when you mention London that means your hopping the Blue Water Bridge into Oh Canada!) visiting my cousin. The female lead is very beautiful though I’d not seen any of her work before. I was entranced not only by their performances and the rest of the supporting cast but the landscapes are breathtaking. Looking good Scotland!

Great Scot! Up to now my only associations with this country was its where my childhoods friends grandparents reside and The Highland Games which my wonderful father who adopted me brings me to every year as he and others who have family history tied to there host it. (Usually at some point I wind up sitting behind the trailer piled with cabers as I hide from the genealogists who are in this orphans top 5 things to loathe.) Watching this stunningly recorded landscape is much better than looking at people’s photos. If the shows cake then this is icing.

Wait! What? The TV series I’m watching is based on a book series?! Obviously I suck at reading opening credits or I’d have realized this before I’m into episode 3. However, I’m not jumping online to buy it regardless of friends not so subtle suggestions. One of which included literally throwing a copy of the first book at me while we were in a local bookstore. (Yes Amazon they still do exist you didn’t render them extinct) Meanwhile, Starz that paid programming that just happened to be part of the package deal is now my most viewed, favorite and talked about premium network by the wedding episode I want to buy them a drink and send chocolates. Then they break up the first season and I’m stuck waiting til April it’s a fools joke where I’m stuck at the dinner table with my dad demanding I sit with the others at the table if I want my dessert.
Well as I wait, I believe I have some reading to catch up on & come Dec I have a date with my nieces and a blonde haired Prince. ;)
Oh and that series I almost missed out on, it is Epic!