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Pros:  Olicity 

Cons: Those sisters! I understand the reason but maybe it's who was cast they are just so whining. OLLIE and I cringe every time. 

Pros: Drake and Taylor Scenes 

Cons: It keeps giving everything away too soon 

Plus it was marketed all wrong so I hope it can move past that and get a season 2

The Vampire Diaries / The Originals 

Currently on my are you kidding me list for constantly selling out their fan bases for ratings. Not to mention what they did to the Karoline fans who made The Originals possible and kept TVD ratings so high, as they kept watching for those little teaser moments of their ship. This season of TVD has been a for me a snooze fest other than the Karoline literal kiss off. The Originals has been a constant WTH? just happened but not ever in a good way.