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2 Broke Girls 

Big Bang Theory 

Because sometimes you can get over the politically correct way and just laugh out loud at life and all the pot holes, @-holes and glass half full holes there are in it. Smile and be happy with what you have cause somewhere in the world someone has less than you do. 

Being a scientist doesn't make you rich, nor does it make you popular but it does make for a great sitcom. Years of laughter later still one of the top watched sitcoms on air. Actually reminds me of 2 guys and a girl only so far no Nathan Fillion, could someone get on that? 




I love Lucy Liu and have adored Johnny Lee Miller since Hackers when I first noticed Jolie who is now everywhere. They are brilliant together! With my fave Aidan Quinn too!(everyone is watching Depp in Benny & Joon while I'm enamored with Quinn's character) 

Season one is over. Season two pickup is not likely but I am ever hopeful, I liked the team aspect and the cast worked well. There is a good start here, a better time slot and less competition from March Madness would help. 

It was a great run and I do hope they give us and fitting ending for this series instead of closing on a oh we thought we were going to bring it back.