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Once Upon A Time, 

There was a little girl whose parents didn't want to spend money on those new fancy color televisions until they realized that while watching Sesame Street their little girl kept calling out colors "red, blue, green..." to a black and white  TV screen.  The little girl's first comment on the new viewing experience was, "Oscar is green" 

Now that little girl is all grown up and watches a flat screen, high definition television that's DVR'd, on demand and instant streaming where she embraces adventure, love, drama, humor and science fiction fantasy.  But NEVER, EVER reality TV!

This website is for all who love a series so much they want to know EVERYTHING about it. Here you can find information about your fave shows and upcoming series on  social media personalized network pages that are created by the Laughing Penguin, LP 

And they all watched FANtastic media together.....